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Do not forget that NATO Gladio established all these secret armies around the world to use them to create false flag terrorism to scare people away from their unity and friendship and leave it to libertad vs libertinaje yahoo dating under American control. Forcing a career diplomat to hunger by blacklisting and mobbing is a violence and betrayel. My step mother used call my father as Mud Sevket for years to mock randonue yahoo dating treacherous personality and then she used Gaddafi for his cruel iron hand lifestyle.

randonue yahoo dating you are against their insane normal you will be branded as abnormal, insane. If slaughter randonue yahoo dating blood-shedding is normal and you are against it they will call you insane. If you oppose their normalcy of slaughter and blood-shedding they will lock you up for insanity. If war and destruction is normal and you oppose to it they lock you you up for disorderly conduct and insanity. My father always provoked me against people he hated as a gray wolf.

My father provoked me especially against my mother, maternal grandparents, maternal aunts jealousy lyrics darren criss dating relative uncle Ziya Iskender.

Uncle Ziya graduated from Istanbul Halkali Agricultural High School and was Director of State Agricultural Equipments in Karasu at the time. My father Resat Iskender hated Uncle Ziya and randonue yahoo dating me against uncle Ziya and his leftist sons Mujdat and Murat because uncle Ziya was educated and leftist and his mother Aunt Zekiye always criticized randonue yahoo dating father, Grandfater Osman Cavus and stepmother Hayriye for violence and deception against my poor mother Huriye.

My father always complained to me that my grandfather did not send him to schools after five years of elementary school while uncle Ziya enjoyed privilege of education.

So my father made me hate uncle Ziya for his privilege of education, profession and his leftist opinion. Now my father brainwashed me so I had to act to hurt uncle Ziya for his leftist privileges. Free online chat dating guy gray wolf father used me to attack my own people just to burn me and it is exactly same thing what Gladio did in the past randonue yahoo dating what it does today in Turkey randonue yahoo dating in the Middle East.

My father especially and always spoke ill against my mother and her family to prove as if she deserved his tortures. I had a cold heart to my mother and her family and leftists like uncle Ziya to survive as my father brainwashed me. So my father poisened my thinking process like GLADIO poisened Randonue yahoo dating. Because l started thinking black as white due to pressure and terror that my father created because of survival instinct.

I was thinking friends as enemies and enemies as friends and usually ignoring all of them and condemning myself to lonesomeness as my father brainwashed me.

This twisted thinking is mind control from my father which made me to trust the mind control of my randonue yahoo dating in the college and authority in us uk dating com Foreign Ministry and courts etc.

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